Herbs & Garlic cubic Croutons

Tipiak invites you to discover authentic ingredients from here and elsewhere, and draws its inspiration from it everyday to create a unique collection of Croutons from a pastry-cook's savoir-faire, to add crispiness to all of your recipes!

Format : 50g
Herbs and Garlic cubic croutons TIPIAK

Product preparation

Product preparation

Just sprinkle on your salad!

Open and serve straightaway!


Simple and authentic ingredients!

A kneaded then shaped special dough for rolls, baked and sliced in cubes, which are lastly oven-grilled.

Discover cuisine from home and from far away!

Originally, an Italian chef had the idea of mixing romaine lettuce with small croutons to create the 'Caesar' Salad.

A guaranteed delight!

Thanks to a unique savoir-faire Tipiak brings the maximum crispiness to your croutons: a raised dough, well baked, and the oil guarantees a great lasting crispiness.

Wheat flour, fat and vegetable oil (including sunflower oil 9,3%), lactose, salt, raising agent, sugar, barley malt extract, natural garlic flavour (1,2%), dehydrated parsley (1,1%), milk proteins, colouring: lutein, dehydrated chives (0,04%).

Nutritional values

Nutrition information - Per 100g:

  • Energy 1879 kJ - 444 kcal
  • Protein 8,9 g
  • Carbohydrate 66,4 g
  • Fat 14,5 g

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