Terrine of mint & lemon tabouleh

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Recipe preparation
  • ­In a salad bowl, put the diced tomatoes with the tabouleh
  • Add 20 cl of water to it and leave it in the fridge for 45 minutes, mixing from time to time
  • Meanwhile, peel the cucumber in long thin slices and put it at the bottom of the terrine
  • Mix the tabouleh with curd cheese
  • Put half of this mix in the terrine, press down then add a layer of peppers and cover with the rest of mix
  • Leave in the fridge for at least 1 hour
  • Remove from the terrine


  • Decoration: add some peppers on top once it is ready
  • Side dish: you can serve your dish with a curd cheese/goat cheese sauce: mash half of a goat cheese, add 4 tablespoons of curd cheese, put salt and pepper. You can also add mustard and Provence herbs to enhance the taste of your sauce


  • 1 bag of Greekstyme couscous
  • 130 g of curd cheese
  • ­140 g of tomatoes
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 jar of marinated peppers

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